Terms and Conditions

All parcels are subject to redemption or prior sale and may be withdrawn from sale. 

All bids are subject to approval by the City or County offering the subject property for sale.

The terms of sale are credit or debit card due in full from the high bidder within ten (10) days of auction close. The payment portal will remain open during that time and will close after the ten (10) days has expired. In the alternative, payment can be made by cashier’s check, certified funds, money order, or personal check within ten (10) days of the auction close. In the event funds are not received by either method within those ten (10) days, the high bid will have failed, and the property will be offered to the next highest bidder with the same conditions.  Judicial sales are subject to confirmation by the Court.  Taxes will be paid through the date of sale.  Possession is given upon confirmation of sale.  Premises at risk of purchaser from the time bid off. 

All parcels are sold in gross and not by the acre and are subject to any discrepancies on the City or County land maps and to possible rights of parties in possession, encroachments, overlaps, overhangs, deficiency in quantity, all questions of boundaries, location and acreage which a current and accurate survey would disclose, roadways, unrecorded easements, or any other matter not of record which could be disclosed by inspection of the premises.  No warranty is made as to the insurability of title. 

Prospective purchasers should complete any inspection of the property and investigations as to the title prior to the sale. 

Successful purchasers will receive a Special Warranty Deed.  Recordation costs are at the expense of the Purchaser. 

A Buyer’s Premium of 10% of the high bid amount will be added to the final bid to determine the total purchase price. Please consider the Buyer’s Premium when placing all bids. The Buyer’s Premium is non-negotiable.

Auction Process:

All interested parties must register prior to bidding. Registration and bidding are free of charge and are done through the Freedom Auction, LLC Website.

To prevent the practice of “sniping” or bidding just before time has expired on an auction, any bid placed within the final 60 seconds will automatically extend the auction duration for an additional 60 seconds.

Some properties will have a reserve amount or a Buy It Now Price. If there is a reserve this message will be displayed, “Reserve price has not been met” if the reserve price has not been met.

Proxy bidding allows you to enter a maximum bid amount and the software will bid on your behalf while you are away, only up to your maximum bid amount.

Please contact me if I can be of further assistance. 

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